Bali. A Journey Back to Yourself
We all deserve to live the life we desire

Inspiration, self-exploration and creation
in a sacred space


You’ll connect with your most Authentic Self and create a path towards
a fulfilling
and enjoyable life and work.

Honour your natural gifts and talents, connect with all your creative power
and generate abundance for you and your environment. 

Join this journey towards creating a life that aligns with your unique nature,
creating abundance and joy.


Drop a message and you’ll receive the booklet
with all the information!


Gain clarity on your strengths, values, mission and the direction you want to take in order to move forward with confidence, celebrating what makes you unique!


Live challenges as opportunities, find new pathways to align your direction in life and at work, and your decisions with your true nature and your most Authentic Self, your natural gifts and all the power you’re here to express.

Lead your work and life with confidence and reassurance!


Translate all that into a concrete plan that allows you to achieve your goals, personal and professional to grow and evolve from a place of Motivation, Energy, Joy and Abundance.







This is for you if you want to connect through:






Positive Impact




About me

More than 10 years working as social and consumer researcher as part of innovation teams, understanding human needs, behaviours and motivations to inform the strategy and the design of products and services. I’ve lead research teams, given talks and trainings in different universities and public institutions.

My passion and goal is to put humans at the center of the process and support them on their journey towards personal and professional fulfillment, to believe in themselves and live a life of joy and expansion, balance and wellbeing.

Because it’s a basic need for any human being in the world.

I’ve lived and worked in different countries, I’m an avid traveler and Bali became a very inspiring place and the starting point of my own professional transformation. A place where I keep going and feels like home.

I keep giving trainings and talks, and collaborate as a consultant for organisations and institutions that want to generate positive impact and put humans at the center of their processes, as a way to generate positive synergies and win-win results.

Apart from my university studies in Business Management, Social Research and Innovation Management, I’ve also learnt and have my certificate in Integrative Coaching and NLP, Systemic Coaching, Psychological Astrology, Mindfulness Meditation and keep learning and incorporating knowledge and tools into my everyday work.