Innovation sprint to generate opportunities for 2024

This is not the usual trend review, this is a hands-on session where we’ll go one step further and allow you to take action based on them


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18th December 2023 - 7pm CET

Join this virtual session where we’ll go fully hands-on, allowing you to shape a plan to lead a differentiated and purposeful business

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Date: 18th December 2023
Time: 7pm until 8.30pm CET
Where: Online via Zoom, you’ll get access upon registration

Limited access to allow enough space to solve doubts and questions.

Solving your everyday challenges! Ahead of the session you’ll have the chance to send me your doubts and make sure we answer them during the workshop.

The session won’t be recorded, so make sure to attend!


of EU business leaders indicate that organic growth through innovation will drive the greater proportion of their revenue growth

Innovation isn’t restricted to hi-tech

best practices are being adopted across all industries around the globe


of EU business leaders agree that innovation is important to the success of their company

Get access to relevant trends that will impact your business and draft your plan to success

You»ll end the session with more clarity and the first steps to create a positive future for your business.


100% hands-on workshop focusing on your context and needs to develop your strategy

Creating a positive future requires action, we’ll roll up our sleeves and start generating new possibilities for a 2024 of success! 

You’ll be able to:

about me

Mentorship with soul – and expertise

I’ve spent over a decade helping businesses define, create and launch new products and services. 

Now, I want to bring this knowledge to entrepreneurs and small-to-medium companies and use all my cross-disciplinary know-how to help you navigate challenges, unleash your creativity and shape the future you want for your business in a way that also feels good to you. 

What they say

Future-proof your business

Worried about the impact of a fast-changing world? I’ll help you spot relevant trends and use them in a positive way to stay ahead of the curve and multiply your possibilities.

Drive change, and stand out from the average

A new perspective to view change as an opportunity for your business, embrace it with a creative mindset and see how it can lead you to exciting new possibilities.

I’ll guide you towards creating new ideas and solutions – and move forward with clarity.

Celebrate uniqueness

​​In a sea of competitors, authenticity is your superpower. I’ll work closely with you to help you grow while staying true to your unique essence.