Finding My Flow Changed my life

Guiding you to uncover your real essence and shape the future of your business or professional career
in a way that is aligned with you

Hi I'm mireia!

Everyone should be Leading their Business and Life expressing their natural talents and power

Because when you are clear on what this natural talents and gifts are, and why certain situations and dynamics repeat in your life, then is when you can take control and start Leading Your Life and creating a professional future and life that gives you results, both financially and personally.

Before I really knew myself, understood my strengths and weaknesses, I was stuck. The same conflicts, repeating, feeling frustrated and not quite happy with life.

What I didn’t know then, was that understanding my strengths, my unique way of thinking and working, was essential to turning it all around.

One of the biggest tools in this self discovery was my first Natal Chart Reading. It was an eye opening experience.

This is how it all started

Over more than 10 years I managed to develop what it can be called a very successful career, working for big corporates and well-known tech giants, leading a team of researchers and training other professionals in universities and conferences.

I specialised in human-centred approaches, applying user research and agile methodologies for product development.

It was all about understanding people’s needs and behaviours and this work experience is foundational in the business coaching and programs I offer my clients.

During this time, I had been giving talks, conferences and training. I enjoyed sharing my knowledge and experience at business and design universities, as well as in the companies I worked with.

I really loved my job, had fun, learnt so much, got to travel with it and even met some of my closest friends in it. 

But at some point there was a big «Yes, BUT…». 

Something within me felt out of place

First, it was a little whisper, over the time it became a voice desperately screaming. 

I started doing a deep work with a coach and joined a meditation training in a Buddhist temple for 6 months. I also had my Natal Chart read by someone I trusted. 

It was the first time, and I was more curious than hoping for answers – while I’m openminded and always willing to try new things, I also tend to be quite skeptical. 

It was mind-blowing. She knew things about me I never told anyone. I didn’t get answers, nor future predictions or anything like that. I just got to understand what was happening to me, it became as clear as pristine water. 

From that moment on everything else became much easier. 

Personal Growth Lead to a Career Change

I still had to do the work of knowing what to do with this information, but now I could see what I hadn’t been seeing before. 

I started planning how to pivot my professional career and life, not easy at all. And in parallel I decided to study Astrology, because I wanted to keep using this powerful knowledge. 

The more I was learning, the more I was impressed about the accuracy, depth and relevance of this knowledge. So I decided to start spreading the word and offering natal chart readings, sharing this information with others who would be willing to take it seriously.

I couldn’t believe it. Way more people than I could have never imagined started reaching out. I was also able to tell very accurate information to people I didn’t know at all. And they were finding it useful too.

That’s when I felt called to build a business around this work.

I’ve seen and experienced first hand that, when we do what is aligned with who we really are, we can generate abundance.

We all have unique gifts and talents, but sometimes our own fears or limiting beliefs make us feel stuck and confused

In the beginning of my business, I found that creating a structure that works for my strengths was a breakthrough.  

There isn’t a one size fits all solution when it comes to organising ourselves and structuring our business, and that’s not something that we get to learn through business training.

It comes when we align with our own needs and energy. When we understand what we need and what works for us.

What they say