Be brave. Disrupt. Create.

To live a fulfilling life that truly aligns with your strengths and unique nature 


Get clear on your strengths, values, mission and the direction you want for yourself in alignment with it while celebrate your uniqueness!


See changes as an opportunity to be grasped, find new pathways that align with your strengths, personal values and the direction you want for your life at all levels. Then move forward with confidence!


Translate all that into a concrete plan to achieve your personal and professional goals and Grow from a place of Motivated Energy, Ease, Flow & Abundance.

who am i?

Hi! I'm Mireia

I’m passionate about helping soul-led entrepreneurs to Find their Flow in their business.

Because Finding My Flow in life and business changed everything for me!

Before I really knew myself, understood my strengths and weaknesses, I was stuck. The same conflicts, repeating, feeling frustrated and not quite happy with life.

What I didn’t know then, was that understanding my strengths, my unique way of thinking and working, was essential to turning it all around.

Helping business owners align their business with their strengths and stand out in a crowded industry through innovative products and services is my passion.

I have over 10 years experience in corporate helping tech giants and institutions launch innovative products and services.

Plus, I combine this with a strong belief in helping business owners get clarity on their strengths, align their business so they can Find their Flow.


We are in this world to express our natural talents and gifts, which we all have and are unique for each individual.

We are meant to live the life we desire from a place of Abundance, Calm, Wellbeing and Joy. And you deserve this too!

Because when we live in alignment with our true nature, we take control over our life. We feel full of energy, motivation and we can then create opportunities, generate abundance and enjoy the journey.

This is when we become the leaders in our life – and the results reflect this, too.

You might feel that you’ve invested time and energy building a professional career or business, but it’s not as fulfilling as you were envisioning it or it’s not giving you the results you expected. 

Perhaps you’ve been there for many years, or maybe you keep changing and trying, just to end up with the same feeling of limitation, frustration or lack of meaning. It’s like paddling against the currents.

When this happens it’s because what you do isn’t aligned with who you truly are by nature, with your unique talents and expression.

Change might feel difficult now. Perhaps you don’t know where to start or how to do it and uncertainty makes you stay in your current situation because you don’t want to throw away what you’ve built.


This is when everything starts Flowing with ease.

Believe me when I say that you only have to start taking small steps towards the direction that aligns with your unique nature.

Once you become fully aware of all your natural talents and your needs, you take control over your life, because your path is unique and there isn’t a one size fits all.

Then, you realise how worth it was taking that first step because you move forward with a clear direction, confidence and things start to flow more easily.

I was there, at some point I realised that the life as I had it set wasn’t really what I needed to be happy, but my fears and not knowing where to start were stopping me from taking the leap.

From the other side now I can tell you with absolute confidence that gaining clarity on my natural talents, needs and values to then build my life and work in a way that’s more aligned with me was the best move I could ever make.

I strongly believe everyone should live their best life and get out of situations that don’t allow them to express their best self.

I’m absolutely certain that you’ll reach a whole new level in every aspect of your professional and your personal life and you’ll celebrate this decision.

How long do you want to keep holding yourself from living a much better life?


A 2-hour individual session where we analyse your Natal Chart using Humanistic Astrology as a very powerful tool that safes us time and allows us to go straight to the point, a map of all your strengths and natural talents.

With this we identify the best direction to create a professional future and a life that aligns with who you are by nature.

No future predictions, no limitations, just honest, grounded and constructive information as your natural inner guide, which you can go back to any time you need.

Individual coaching sessions and continuous support to go from your current situation to your desired state.

You’ll step into your full potential, define a direction and a strategic map to set a solid base for the fulfilling professional future and life you’re here to live.

You’ll transform your mindset and get tools and resources you can keep applying going forward.

If you decide to evolve your business or start your own one, together we create a future-proofed business that allows you to express your natural power while staying ahead of the curve and generate revenue.

We focus on allowing you to constantly create, evolve, consolidate and grow using design thinking, agile methods, social trends and more.

I’ll show you all I know to create alignment between your ideal life, business and income.

You’ll create Abundance for yourself and for others, with positive impact, flowing naturally, full of energy and motivation.

What others say


A space to get your teams inspired, energised, motivated and empowered to generate new ideas, create innovative solutions and express their unique talents, resulting in employee retention, team efficiency and business results.

Creating an entrepreneurial mindset and giving them tools, methods and a process to solve complex business problems using human-centered, agile and holistic approaches that ensure both, business results and team wellbeing.

From Design Thinking, to Trends x Innovation, Astrological Map of Talents and specific
project-based support.

Working with your team members to help them grow and develop professionally, gaining new skills and growing their natural strengths.

Providing them with tools to overcome their everyday professional challenges, connect with all their potential and find ways to express it, so they are motivated and engaged, creating positive impact for the business.

This results in improving company reputation, increasing talent retention, improving team collaboration, increasing work efficiency and innovation, leading to increasing profitability.


I’m speaker and talk at a range of events. I also moderate events and speak on the topics of entrepreneurship, conscious business, creativity and personal development.


How can I help you?

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It's time to lead your life and express all your natural power