Uncover all your potential to create a professional future that aligns with who you really are

If you’re in a moment of change, feeling unfulfilled and/or confused about what direction to take professionally or in your business, I can assure you this will remove all the clouds at once

Just like the phases of the moon influence the tides in the ocean, your natal chart contains a lot of information about you.

The natal chart is a visual representation of the stars in the moment you were born. It is known in Psychological Astrology that we are a mirror of the universe, and the psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung explored and wrote about the use of Astrology to understand psychological archetypes and its use as a means to connect with out inner being.

Did you know that Astronomy was first used as a tool for Astrology? and that Astrology was taught from the beginning of the fourteenth century as an important part of the arts and science curriculum at the great medieval and Renaissance universities, including Padua, Bologna, and Paris?

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I’m Mireia and I’m passionate about helping soul-led entrepreneurs and professionals to Find their Flow in their business and at work

Because Finding My Flow in life and business changed everything for me!

After more than 10 years working in all sorts of companies, from corporate giants to tech startups, helping them design and launch innovative products and services, while training and mentoring other professionals, I felt that putting this knowledge and experience at the service of others was bringing me more joy and felt more aligned with the life I wanted.  

Understanding your strengths, having clarity around what really serves you, allows you to create a professional future and a business that works with those strengths.

I’ve seen and experienced first hand that, when we do what is aligned with who we really are, we can generate abundance.

We all have unique gifts and talents, but sometimes our own fears or limiting beliefs, making us feel stuck and confused.

In the beginning of my business, I found that creating a structure that works for my strengths was a breakthrough.

There isn’t a one size fits all solution when it comes to organising ourselves and structuring our business, and that’s not something that we get to learn through business training.

It comes when we align with our own needs and energy. When we understand what we need and what works for us.

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